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San Luis Obispo County, California


Decline in Value Calculator

Use the Decline in Value Calculator to determine whether you may be eligible for a reduction in the taxable value of your property.

Please note that this estimator will not reflect any value changes that resulted from the purchase of this property and/or new construction which occurred on or after January 1, 2016. Please contact our office at (805) 781-5643 for more information.

Enter your 9-digit Assessment Parcel Number (APN) and your estimate of the property's fair market value as of January 1, 2017  in the spaces provided below. The estimate should be based on sales of similar properties sold prior to March 31st. Then click "Retrieve Assessed Value".

Assessment Parcel Number (APN):      
Estimated fair market value 
as of January 1, 2017  

For more information about a decline in value:
Decline in Value Information